About Us...

We are a family with 3 children and 8 4-legged children, 6 dogs and 2 cats. We live on a small farm with animals surrounded by nature, at Portas da Serra do Açor in the central region, where we are very happy.
Our story of love for animals and nature began in 2010 when we were gifted with 3 little balls of fur that changed our lives.
These days they are little stars that shine in the sky but continue to fill a place in our hearts, Camone, Biebs and Maia.
They taught us the true meaning of confusion, fun, joy, company, respect, friendship and love! All in one look that can convey so many emotions!
Along the way we had the opportunity to learn the art of making handmade toys with heather roots (torgas) with a family that was a pioneer in this field, all producing for an international brand, who discovered this toy because their furry friend, called Bica!
-YES! We gotta thanks to this furry friend that discovered and boosted the creation of this toy!
The combination of working in the forest with such people and our four-legged companions, feeling the mountain breeze and the challenge of searching for the most pet-friendly roots couldn't be better!
Over the years, we have improved the means of production and perfected our technique so that the toys are increasingly resistant and soft to the touch, so that each bite is made with a maximum guarantee of safety.
In 2021 we realized that the market for animals in Portugal is changing and when we visited some stores we discovered that some were already selling low quality heather roots, a by-product coming from the remains of cuts from the production of blocks of this wood for the production of pipes, from other countries, or other industrially produced brands.
Then arose a desire to offer the Portuguese market, the best we know how to do, a high quality toy full of benefits and environmentally friendly, which was born in Portugal in 2006, which we have been producing abroad for so many years and is recognized by a large part from Europe.
And so Ericas is a 100% Portuguese project that was born from the effort and resilience dedicated over the last ten years to the production of handcrafted toys that we love to make for all four-legged companions.
Our roots are harvested in a sustainable way, through a careful and selected choice, small preventive cleaning and or reuse of forest cleaning leftovers in the Serra do Açor region, each piece is unique, as they are worked by hand in order to that can dry with quality for long months so that your partner can enjoy so many benefits that these roots offer!
The mission is to produce high quality and super resistant natural toys, always preserving the tradition of the artisans who were pioneers in the production of heather roots for pets, using as little machinery as possible, so that the impact of our ecological footprint can be reduced. be as small as possible, thus making our project more conscious, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to our little stars who inspire us and to those who taught us so much!

Pedro & Eliana
"All together for a more sustainable tomorrow!"

About Us