Common questions

 1 - What animals can use your roots?

All pets! Especially those that have gnawing or chewing needs such as dogs, puppies, rabbits, squirrels, chinchillas, degus, birds, etc.

2 - Is your product made of wood? Can it chip?

Yes, our product is made of wood and does not splinter into large pieces or splinters that could injure your companions. On the contrary, after use, as it is gnawed it is moistened and ends up falling apart into very small pieces that contain fibers and minerals that can be ingested without any problems, as they end up improving the health of the digestive tract.

3 - Do your roots have any odor or flavor?

Our roots do not contain any artificial flavor and also do not release any odor that could become unpleasant during use.

When they are prepared, they can go unnoticed by the human nose as we don't notice much of an odor, but our companions, with their great olfactory capacity, are able to smell much better some of the odors that we smell at the time of extraction and production, hence arousing some natural interest among the most curious!

4 - My dog is young or small, can I give him your roots? Aren't they too hard? Can they cause damage to your teeth or can you swallow them?

From the youngest children who have special needs when their teeth are growing, to small and large adults who must maintain their oral health, our roots are highly recommended!

They are tough but as we said in the answer to question no. 2, our roots after use are softened and fall apart into small pieces that do not put the health of our four-legged companions at risk.

We have to take into account that the size of the root must be appropriate to the weight and/or strength of your companion so as not to be swallowed, in case it is a piece too small for the mouth of the animal in question, in case it is a larger piece Too heavy or too big for your partner, he may show some disinterest. We always advise you to consult our table of recommended weights and sizes.

5 - My dog has allergic reactions to many things, do you think he can use your roots?

Yes, our roots are a 100% natural product, free from animal products, additives, colorings and preservatives that could cause any type of reaction.

They are even recommended in this type of case, as they contain fiber and minerals that promote better digestive tract health.

6 - How long are your roots?

The average duration is between 2-6 months, in some cases even much longer.

For those who really enjoy chewing and seek greater challenges, we always recommend a slightly larger size than what is recommended in the table.